Royal Republic: Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut

So, everybody wants to be an astronaut? Honestly, I am not quite sure about that. The longer I work with astronauts, the more I respect their job. Sure, there is still a lot of fascination. But I also see how hard they have to work to archive their goals – to be one of the few human beings having the opportunity to look back on our planet from space.

A wise young lady who I met at the European Astronaut Centre put it this way:

They fly into space so we don’t have to.

And she’s right.

Autor: Andreas Schepers

Andreas Schepers macht beruflich was mit PR, Media Relations und Social Media für Raketen, Satelliten und Astronauten. Hier schreibt er privat über Dinge, die ihn interessieren. Von Wissenschaftskommunikation, Online-PR über Netzpolitik zu Astronauten, Pop, etc.

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